【Quality Assurance】

LEANOMS holds itself to the highest performance and quality standards, ensuring customers consistently receive the most-reliable, high-performance and longest-lasting hard-rock drilling tools in the world. To achieve it, we are driven by a policy of continuous innovation and improvement in our products, value-added benefits, and customer service.

All LEANOMS manufacturing facilities are ISO certified, which covers all aspects of design and manufacturing, administration and corporate management, and is certified and audited periodically by the International Standards Organization. 

Our machining equipment utilizes the latest CNC tooling and technology for optimum specification accuracy. Independent OQC team performs final inspections and document checks before shipment.

【LEANOMS Group Quality Policy】

We are the top3 Chinese company that designs, manufactures and commercializes drilling tools for the international markets. We provide high quality drilling products, enabling our customers to reduce and improve their operational costs. We promote trust and technical cooperation among our Customers and Suppliers, to continuously improve the quality of our products.
We create environments where people can contribute to the achievement of quality goals, continuous improvement and develop as professionals and individuals. We provide a safe and pleasant work environment, ensuring the well being of all company members.
We actively implement productivity and efficacy standards that allows us to assure the sustainability and growth of our business. We respect the environment in each stage of the production process.
LEANOMS is committed to comply with the requirements and continuously improve the efficacy of our Quality Program.
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