LEANOMS is a strongly internationalized growth company servicing global customers and selling drilling consumables for applications in surface and underground mining, construction and infrastructure, contracting and tunneling, blasting and well drilling.  
LEANOMS has full control over every crucial step of the manufacturing process, for each product in its range. For example, we only source quality raw materials, employ craftsmen with the considerable talent and experience, invest in advanced equipment and implement the strictest quality controls.
This approach allows us to meet different demand around the world and creat the most value for our customers. LEANOMS Customer Support Center also provide engineering teams with feedback from the field, which ensures continuous improvement and innovation.
Manufacturing flexibility has been made possible through investing in state-of-the-art production facilities located strategically around the world. In addition to this, LEANOMS Group continually evaluates and updates manufacturing methods and equipment at all plants, to ensure quality and modernity.
As a result, LEANOMS products deliver real-world performance that has been continually proven superior to competitor offerings. With the  most advanced equipment, LEANOMS engineers can achieve closer tolerances, conduct proprietary heat treatment processes, and implement superior designs that have led to its products being considered The Driller’s Choice.
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