T(R)38-R32 Hex Drifter Drilling Rod

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T(R)38-R32 Hex Drifter Drilling Rod is designed to transmit the maximum impact energy to the rock with the least possible loss of energy in the drill string.Thanks to our unique patented technology, we’re confident that rod breakage is a problem you will see a lot less of. Due to drill rod with optimal performance, drillers are guaranteed to get more productivity from each hole.More material at the rod end not only strengthens the product, but also minimizes deviation during collaring. The result? Straighter holes and a much longer service life. If you are looking for the right drilling rods , welcome ! We offer high quality productive tools and services for all Top hammer drilling applications. At LEANOMS Rock Drilling Tools division.
  • T(R)38-R32 Hex Drifter Drilling Rod

With continuing demand from mining companies to minimize the drilling cost and increase productivity, LEANOMS Drill Rock Drilling Tools are committed to providing the support needed – through safe products and product information with competitive price and high performance.The following is the specification information of T(R)38-R32  Hex Drifter Drilling Rod  :

T38 R38 Drill Rod Coupling Sleeves

The main features and advantages

  • Dill rods are manufactured for maximum strength, toughness and wear resistance. This facilitates superior impact power and minimizes wear and tear on the outer drill tubes.

  • Heat-treated drill rod is stronger and more durable, and is not easily damaged during engineering process, which can assist the drill bit to obtain higher productivity.tools are fully carburized with an advanced heat treatment.

  • High-quality raw materials can increase the strength and hardness of the drill rod body,  achieving maximum durability and longer service life.

  • Made of the high-quality steel, combining higher hardness properties with longer-lasting performance to handle bad, abrasive rock conditions.