New T-thread - T-WiZ drilling system
New T-thread - T-WiZ drilling system We’re not known for dabbling in make-believe. In fact, few things are more real than the benefits that come with our new T-thread. Especially when you consider that large rods require a robust thread system. With T-WiZ, we’ve conjured away the flaws – and patente
December 11, 2020
Ukraine Pavel Shevchenko
Country: UkraineIndustry: MiningClient Name: Pavel ShevchenkoTime:27/8/2017Client Description: Pavel Shevchenko works for a Ukrainian mining company with more than 60 years of operating history. Drilling tools needed are mainly Atlas products imported from Sweden, the United States, and Chile. Howe
July 21, 2016
Spain Riccardo
Country: SpainIndustry: Water WellClient Name: RiccardoTime:7/4/2016Client Description:Riccardo's team has been focusing on water well drilling engineering and needed to drill a 205-meter deep water well, facing the sandstone rock formation. Since the beginning of its activities, they have been faci
July 28, 2018
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