7 Degree 11 Degree And 12 Degree Rock Taper Drill Rod for Mining, Quarry And Tunnel

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  • 4.8,6.11,12 degree

Tapered Drill rod

Tapered drill rod, another name called taper rod, tapered drill steels.This provides a hexagonal chuck section to provide leverage for the rotation chuck bushing. It usually has a forged collar to maintain the proper shank striking face position in the rock drill, and a tapered bit end. Tapered rod lengths available from 0.6m to 3.6m in length(Are measured from the collar to the bit end).

All products are compatible with many products manufactured by Atlas Copco etc, all our products are widely used in mining, water well drilling,tunneling, quarrying, construction, and civil engineering project.

tapered drill rod

Tapered drill rod Advantage:
1. Through-hardened and heat-treatment shank end for high wear resistance and a longer service life
2. Stainless steel flusing tube lining to prevent corrosion and breakage
3. Super tough 40SiMnCrNiMo or 55SiMnMo steel, specially designed for wet or dry drilling.
4. Special anti-corrosion oil to protect the flushing hole of the rod.

tapered drilling tools

How to order?

Shank Style + rod Length + taper degree

1.The ordinary connection taper is 7 degree,other sizes also available such as 4.8,6.11,12 degree
2.The ordinary Shank length is 108mm,83mm and 159mm also available
3.The rod length must be specified in order
4.In order to adapter to different rock conditions,the drill rod is selected by users.