57-89mm Normal Or Retrac R38 Thread Drilling Button Bits

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57-89mm Normal Or Retrac R38 Thread Drilling Button Bits are designed and manufactured based on proven technology and wealth expertise to make a perfect hole. Thanks to our special technology, our Thread Button Bits are easier to join and disassemble with drill rod in projects. The results? Less down time and fewer through-holes. The productivity greatly increased.
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  • R38 Button Bits

As a leading supplier of rock drilling tools for more than 20 years, we have gained considerable experience and knowledge of producing top hammer techniques that are practiced across the globe. 

57-89mm Normal Or Retrac R38 Thread Drilling Button Bits  can cover all types of rock - from hard to soft, and from abrasive to non-abrasive. Thorough research, Our Thread Button Bit is proven to be much more compact and versatile than before. 

The main features and advantages

lUpdated raw materials make drill body steel harder and stronger to last much longer.

lEach button has a special surface treatment to make it stronger and more durable. 

lUniformly Processing by using the CNC equipment processing ensures the manufacturing precision and quality consistency.

lRecommended specification according to different rock formation improves design and drilling speed.

We offer the complete solution including shank adapters, drill rods, drill bits, accessories and added value services.

thread drilling button bit

R38 thread rock drilling button bit