4 Inch DHD340 COP44 HD45 High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve

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4 Inch DHD340 COP44 HD45 High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve is is based on proven and professional technology and designed and manufactured specially for a variety of hard engineering conditions. Compared to other tools on the market, its performance is at the high end. Indeed, it is faster, lighter, easier to repair, so as to have s longer service life. Engineering situations that can be applied include residential geothermal, underground mining and tunneling, surface mining and quarries, water well drilling and construction work.
Bit Shank:
Hole Range:
  • 4 Inch/DHD340/COP44/ HD45

LEANOMS DTH hammers are built to last and manufactured to an exceptional standard, with an aperture range of 3.5 "to 24" and a maximum diameter of 32 ".  4-inch DTH DHD340 COP44 HD45 DTH hammers are the most commonly used hammers in various projects. In order to deal with the hard conditions of different projects., we produce a variety of DTH hammers for our customers. The following is the specification of 4-inch DTH DHD340 COP44 HD45 DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve:

DHD340 COP44 HD45 DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve
Bit Shank DHD340A/HD45A Hole Range Φ110-130mm Connection Thread API 2 3/8" Reg
Working Pressure 10-25Bar / 1-2.5Mpa Speed Recommend 30-70rpm Pull Force Recommend 7KN
Length 927mm Weight 37.4Kg

Key Features and Benefits

  • The feature of simple structure makes it easy to assemble and disassemble and provide our customers with friendly drilling experience.

  • The special design based on proven technology makes the DTH hammer faster and safer in the engineering projects, thus increasing the productivity.

  • With over 20 years of experience and professional technology, we pride ourselves on making our DTH hammer achieve lower air consumption and lower oil consumption in various operating conditions.



4 inch DTH hammer is a widely used size for mining, quarrying, water well drilling and many other construction projects.

DHD HD COP QL Mission SD Numa series dth hammer and bit 

A comprehensive range of DTH Drilling Hammers means that you can find the most suitable products here, at LEANOMS.