3 inch QL30 High Air Pressure DTH Bit With Foot Valve

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3 Inch QL30High Air Pressure DTH Bit With Foot Valve is fitted with cemented carbide inserts, which can provide you with superior service life and drilling productivity, so it is well known and extensively applied to all kinds of rock drilling cases around the world. No matter how difficult the engineering you're dealing with, our drill bits make it easier. Here is the 3 inch QL30 High Air Pressure DTH Bit With Foot Valve at LEANOMS. WELCOM!
Shank type:
  • 3 Inch/QL30

3 inch QL30 High Air Pressure DTH Bit With Foot Valve is designed to drill further and the drill bit bodies are made from precision hardened nickel molybdenum steel, with a compound curve shape for faster and smoother cutting and easier removal of cuttings. The following is the specification information of 3 inch QL30 High Air Pressure DTH Bit With Foot Valve:

Diameter Gauge Buttons
Front Buttons(mm) Weight(KG) Part Number
mm Inch Flat Face Convex Face Concave Face Face Type
90 3 1/2 Φ14*6 Φ12*2 Φ13*2 / Convex Face 4.5 LR-DHD3.5-90CV
90 3 1/2 Φ14*6 Φ12*4 / / Flat Face 4.5 LR-DHD3.5-90FF
95 3 3/4 Φ14*6 Φ13*2 Φ13*2 / Convex Face 4.6 LR-DHD3.5-95CV
100 3 15/16 Φ14*6 Φ13*2 Φ13*3 / Convex Face 4.8 LR-DHD3.5-100CV
105 4 1/8 Φ14*6 Φ13*2 Φ13*3 / Convex Face 5.0 LR-DHD3.5-105CV
105 4 1/8 Φ13*8 Φ12*6 / / Flat Face 5.0 LR-DHD3.5-105FF

Key Features and Benefits

lThe design with foot valve ensures the drill bit more stable with lower air and oil consumption

lSuper strength carbide ensures high quality and performance of products.

lSelecting optimal material makes service life longer in challenging applications.

lOptimized flushing designs to aid in cuttings removal and reduce wear.


3 inch DTH bit is a widely used size for mining, quarrying, water well drilling and many other construction projects.

QL series dth bit

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